Overview for initial meeting

Concept proof for custom WordPress theme

Concept proof for custom WordPress theme

Before we begin

In our initial contact, there are some basics to address before embarking on your web project.

  • What is this website designed to accomplish?
  • Who are your customers and optimal site visitors?
  • What does your site need to have to meet your – and your site visitor’s needs?

I make sure that we’ve outlined our strategy in a way that drives the project and guarantees we stay focused on your success.

Assumptions about IT

You don’t have to know all the technical details, just be clear on a few basics:

  • Do you want to manage your own email?
  • Do you have the domain you need?
  • Do you have social media accounts?
  • Will we take care of hosting, or do you have that covered?

I pride myself with being a one-stop-shop for my clients. You can come to me with as much or as little of this resolved as you like, and we’ll sort out what fits you best.

About your market

For comparison’s sake we also need to know a little about your position in the market.

  • What do your competitors look like? What do you like – and what do they get right and wrong?
  • What markets or special offerings are you trying to target?

There are numerous tools to employ to ensure your site is found and respected by search engines. It is always possible to tweak an existing site, but its far better to build your strategies into the architecture of it in the beginning.


Site organization should be simple:

  • We need to establish the navigation: Do you understand how to get around the site? Will your site visitor?
  • What pages must be included – and why?
  • What strategies are we going to employ to cast the net wide, and provide effective lead capture?
  • What path through your site would you ideally have your new inquiries follow?
  • Do all roads lead to a call to action and a satisfied visitor?

If you haven’t thought through the site design process from your clients’ perspective, we have some work to do. Call me today at 503-789-7150 to begin this conversation in earnest.


Long-term care and feeding of your site:

  • How do you anticipate the site needing to evolve as you grow?
  • Do you have any experience with FTP? html? WordPress?
  • Do you have the time and desire to get in and grow it over time?
  • Are you a blogger or self-promoter by nature that’s good with an announcement?

Beyond this point, a few things fall to me:

  • I will establish a scope of work and a budget, including timeline
  • With your deposit, I can provide design comps to show the aesthetic goals
  • And with your approval I can begin the “heavy lifting” portion of the site building and coding.

After the site launch:

It is always wise to review the ways in which the site is succeeding or can evolve, check the site statistics to see if site visitors are behaving the way you’d anticipated, and seek ways to refine it. Your site will be an on-going relationship and we advise against “set it and forget it”