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Web design services

I strive to make the web design experience one that clarifies and empowers your business goals, and puts you on the web in the way that’s best for you. I want you to have the site you want. I can help you customize every aspect of your site, whether its redesigning an old html site from scratch to work well on your iphone, or helping you explore and customize the existing themes to stay within a budget. I can help with concepting, design, hosting,  photography, strategy, writing, and more. If you’re ready to talk about what you’d like your site to become, give me a call at 503-789-7150 and let me help make the process a good one.

Responsive Design

These days, the mission is to design for the phone first – and WordPress is perfect for that.  The beautiful thing about modern site architecture with WordPress, is the ease of integration with mobile devices, providing a fluid architecture that can be made to elegantly resize according to any device.  Let us take your old html site and craft it into something that works more intelligently and legibly on your smartphone. And a tablet. Oh, and on a web browser too. You know it’s time – call me at 503-789-7150 and I can show you how easy it’ll be.


There are several major content management systems (cms) –  I prefer WordPress – and I don’t feel limited by the universe of possibilities offered – the range of tools and resources seems boundless. A cms like WordPress allows you  24/7 access to your site to update your content, without needing to wait on me. This can save you a lot of money if you’re just making simple content changes such as menu items or directory listings. If you’re interested in service contracts so you don’t have to worry about such things, we can do that too. Call me at 503-789-7150.

Designing your site

I work with a variety of professional, reputable off-the-shelf solutions such as those from Elegant, and Woo, but I hope that you will let us design your site from the ground up to specifically suit your needs.  I would like to sit down and discuss your site’s needs and how we can best achieve it – I want this to be a win-win for you and your site visitor. The first consultation is at no charge – call me at 503-789-7150 to set an appointment today.

Domain Registration, Hosting, and Email

logo-1If you have already registered your domain name, set up a gmail account, and begun hosting with a provider already, that’s great. I will work with you however you like. That said, I have reliable and affordable hosting services with vendors such as WPEngineBlueHost,, and others, and assist clients by managing domain registration and email through a variety of other professional sources. I am prepared to take care of all the ancillary accounts or none of them – as makes your life easiest.  Call me at 503-789-7150 to discuss how I can provide that missing piece of the puzzle.


I work with WooThemes and like their Woo Commerce module a great deal.   It’s a great tool suite to allow you to launch effective and affordable e-commerce whether you’re looking to spend time or money.  With WordPress, the power is in your hands to massage and update the pricing and descriptions of your products – keeping the costs streamlined and accessible in-house. Call me if you’d like add e-commerce to your existing WordPress site, or breathe new life into your site with a redesign to accommodate your merch.

Graphic Design Services

Not everyone is as comfortable generating optimized web graphics in photoshop. Whether you’re looking for custom icons, or  logo files with transparent backgrounds in 24-bit .png format, don’t hesitate to utilize our expertise. I’d love to help.  No project is too small –  call me at 503-789-7150 to discuss how I can assist.

DIY Marketing

Websites are not stand-alone, and neither are you – your presence on the web is a multi-headed hydra, and sometimes you need help.  Do you want assistance integrating your site branding with your facebook header? Or are you thinking of creating a mailchimp email newsletter to reprise your best blog posts and utilize all the email addresses you’re capturing from your site? Whether you need powerpoint slide backgrounds, newsletter graphics, web ads or optimized logo files, I’d be happy to begin working with you on YOUR projects. Call me at 503-789-7150 so we can talk about it!


 Let’s develop a web project!